Democracy: The Importance Of Democracy In The United States

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Democracy is the form of government the United States uses today. A democracy is said to be a government “by the people and for the people”. So, in this way it is a government in which people get to determine how the country runs and who runs it. However, even with it being a government for the people it still has its laws to follow. The good thing is, with these laws comes some great freedoms. It most definitely is a great honor to be able to live in a place where you have freedoms to allow you to be yourself. Our president Donald Trump, goes with the slogan “Make America Great Again.” However, the question is how can you make a country greater than has so many freedoms and opportunities already? There are claims that he is going to build …show more content…

The overall goal of Trump seems to be to get our country back to where it was when America started and people were excited and willing to work for this nation we call home. With our democracy being born in 1776, our founding fathers wished for our nation a country based on a republic government. The fathers had an idea of our government being made of representatives elected by the people in order to carry out the people’s ideas. However, the Founding Father’s ideas that our government would be “For the People, by the People” has somewhat fallen from what the ideas used to be when the nation was born. Ronald Reagan was one of the most influential presidents when it comes to speaking on democracy. His Westminster Address was extremely accurate and very much so worthy of being acknowledged. Reagan was very intelligent when it comes to democracy as he was bold in his speaking of it. Reagan referred to democracy as a flower and while he stated that democracy was strong, but that it still needed to be molded and taken care of.1 In Reagan’s eyes, democracy was a type of government system that needed to be upheld by the people of the nation in which it was being used in order for it to stay the greatest form of government in the …show more content…

If I would have been asked where I see the United States headed a year ago I probably would have said eventually towards a more Communist society. Definitely not that far in ten years, but I feel as if we would have eventually gotten there. Now my answer is much different. I feel as if our freedoms will stand for years to come. The leadership that is now in place has a good understanding on what this country was built off of and what it needs to be. Our leaders now understand that the middle class is what runs our country and is working to protect them more than we have been in recent years. However, I feel as if our countries morals will continue to change as we stray farther away from our “In God we Trust” mentality. Hopefully, the people will lose the attitude of self-entitlement and go back to our hard working ways. If our country can do that then will we be the greatest nation in the world in ten years. Honestly, I know America has the potential to be the greatest country, but it will not be easy and the people of America will have to lose the differences and fight for all the same freedoms and rights as a nation, not individual states, cities, or

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