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Comparison and Contrast between the Evolution of Democracy in Iran and Turkey, from 1900 to the Present. Name: Institution: Date: Please write on top of each of your exams its exact title as its appear below, making sure your answers are itemized (i.e., answer the points ONE BY ONE, and not combine them). ITEMIZE YOUR ANSWERS Mid Term Exam Compare and contrast the evolution of democracy in Iran and Turkey, from 1900 to present. In process of writing your exam, you must provide the following A history of democratization process in (1) Iran (two pages) Comparison and Contrast between the Evolution of Democracy in Iran and Turkey, from 1900 to the Present A History of Democratization Process in Iran Iran has had some important movements…show more content…
Working in continuation to his father's modernizing efforts, Muhammad initiated the White Revolution. The White Revolution was a program that initiated factors such as land reforms, administration, social and economic schemes. Modernisation progressed exceptionally driven by the Iranian petroleum reserves ( Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini became increasingly vocal in 1960. Widespread protest persisted in 1970 because the economic growth did not benefit a significant number of populations. In 1977, Iran inaugurated the Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts. The hated intelligence group together with security service referred to as SAVAK collaborated into a strong political and religious force driving a full-scale rebellion directed towards Shah's programs and rules. Shah is forced to flee the country in 1978 while Ayatollah returned from France in 1979 to head a revolution that resulted in an overthrow of Shah's government. He established a theocratic republic that operated on Islamic principles (Arjomand, 2008). Rebellious Iranian students attack and take over the Unites States embassy in Tehran during the year 1979 which they maintain until 1981. After the collapse of Shah's regime, Iran recorded a period of transition involving artists initiating a modern art movement termed as Saqqakhana Movement. The contemporary artists in Iran used their postmodern styles that passed or communicated various issues of cultural identity, displacement,

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