Democratic Governance And Social Development

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According to United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (2011) “social development can be broadly understood as processes of change that lead to improvements in human well-being, social relations and social institutions, that are equitable, sustainable, and compatible with principles of democratic governance and social justice.” To facilitate such a change community engagement is central to democratic governance and can be a cornerstone for sustainability of the social change. Community engagement is a process which can establish lasting and permanent relationships that value a collective vision and power to elicit the desired change. Consequently, communities benefit by institutionalizing the change. To provide a broader …show more content…

Research planning is enhanced when more minds and perspectives are included. Ultimately, research gives community members and agencies more power and strength to improve the lives of the people they serve.
Interviewing respondents must begin with careful respondent selection by choosing people who fit your goals in the research. Interview structure should be formulated with respondent characteristics in mind. Language selection is also essential when formulating surveys. Researchers should use language that respondents are familiar with.
I have a new found hope from reading my second article choice. My research project came about as I wondered why the American Indian’s health and well-being is embraced by our current health care system through cultural competence. There are numerous health disparities for this population and a plethora of barriers to health as well. Our current system is failing others as we see many fall through the cracks. Lucero (2011) recommends the American Indian population to challenge for social change through Indigenous research methodologies since this marginalized population have been forced into a system that is not meeting their needs. My research is about furthering that cause.
For the second part of this journal assignment, the two journal articles I have chosen are:
1. Crouch, M. & Mckenzie, H. (2006). The logic of small samples in interview-based

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