Democratic National Committee : The Democratic Party

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I chose the Democratic National Committee, or DNC, as the political party organization that I want to study. I selected the Democratic National Committee because it sets the core values of the Democratic Party and Democrats in the United States. Political parties, such as the Democratic Party, are a vital way of representing concerns of the public as well as an outlet for voters to express their values and competencies (Stonecash, p. 83 & 84). Therefore, the Democratic National Committee is responsible for creating an agenda and selecting candidates that will uphold the party’s policies. Although committees are important at both the state and local level, the national level is where noteworthy and lasting changes are made for the …show more content…

71). One would think that the national committee would have more power and a larger pull in terms of the Democratic Party, but it truly does not. It is vital at all three levels to work with each other in order to build a strong coalition for the party. If there is a large amount of support at the local level, the state level has a great chance of being supported heavily by Democrats. In turn, if the state is Democratic blue, then the national level has a solid probability of being sustained by Democratic supporters. The same support system can work from top down as well. In order for a political party to succeed, there must be vigorous support at all three levels. The Democratic National Committee helps to support candidates at the national, state, and local levels.
The Democratic National Committee’s leadership structure is somewhat complex. A chairman or chairwoman leads the DNC. Right now, the DNC is being led by Interim Chair Donna Brazile ( Her job is to lead the Democratic National Committee while specifically leading efforts to increase fundraising. She is followed by Committee Chair Leaders that lead specific departments ( Committee Chairs are in charge of leadership in legislative, congressional, senatorial, the governor’s association as they make up the second tier of leadership in the DNC. After the Committee Chairs, the Vice-Chairs of each state follow

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