Essay on Democrats and Republicans View Points

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Since the beginning of their inception the Republican and Democrats have had a great divide on their perceptions of what is best for this great nation of ours. Republicans and democrats are distinct in several ways above all in their ideas, politics and world views. Republicans seem to be known as conventional or cautious and they seem to embrace economic equity beyond any other thing. Whereas a Democrat seems to be more open minded and they stand for government supported programs. The purpose of the paper is to analyze, compare and contrast the two parties positions on the issues of same sex marriage, race based affirmative action and illegal immigration. According to the Stanford Encyclopedia “Affirmative action" means …show more content…

Democrats on the other hand have believed in Affirmative Action when it came to racial and gender quotas in education and employment. A same-sex marriage is a hot topic in today’s politics and society. Our views are changing each day as our culture is changing. Today nearly fifty percent of American’s support same-sex marriages. We are changing our views to be more accepting of all and that is why party stances on this issue are very subject to change.
For majority of each party the following ideas are true. The Democratic Party is for same-sex marriage because they believe in supporting equality. They are the highest supporters for legal same-sex marriage, and propose same-sex couples should have the same legal rights as all other married couples. Repealing the Defense of Marriage act is on the top of their agenda. The Republican Party, on the other hand, opposes same-sex marriage. Republicans believe in preserving the traditional family to help protect our children’s future. They completely support the Defense of Marriage act from 1996 which says marriage is between a man and woman. The similarities between the two parties are that both are not one hundred percent for or against the issue. The views of many in each party are changing or are not yet being swayed to change.

Republicans are changing their stance as well and going pro-gay. For example, the

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