Demographic Structure Includes Name, Age, Sex And Ethnicity

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Demographic structure includes name,age,sex and ethnicity.
Learning Difficulties refers to a condition where people require additional support with learning. The majority of children with a learning difficulty do not have an identified diagnosis but some will have, which includes those with autistic spectrum disorder (ASD) and those with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).Many of those who have difficulties learning do not have associated learning disabilities as defined above. Approximately 10% of the general population are thought to have learning difficulties.
Learning difficulties within children and young people means a learning impairment which has a substantial and adverse effect on their ability to carry daily …show more content…

Denmark (1994) highlighted that deaf people within the general population were more likely to be referred with disturbance of behaviour than other types of mental health issues.

Hearing loss is an invisible disability that affects people of any age group, from neonates to older adults.

People with learning disabilities will already have communication limitations, compromising their education, social functioning and safety. This may be compounded if there is a concurrent hearing loss.
Reported prevalence of hearing impairment varies from 12.3% to 47% . Some causes of audiological impairment may be easily corrected, such as impacted ear wax, which occurs commonly in this population. However, a person with limited or no verbal communication skills may have difficulty in conveying deterioration in hearing. In addition, difficulties may be attributed incorrectly to an underlying behavioural problem. It is known that hearing impairment is frequently unrecognised and under-reported by paid carers.Hearing impairment increases with age, severity of hearing disability and the presence of Down’s syndrome.
Early detection and intervention should be beneficial. It is possible to assess hearing in persons with profound learning disabilities who may have additional complexities, for example those with challenging behaviours and/or Autistic

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