Denial In Addiction Essay

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Denial in addiction is a defense mechanism that those abusing drugs or alcohol will need to overcome in order to kick their habits. “Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt” is a mantra often heard at 12-step meetings. This is because Step 1 of the 12 steps deals with overcoming denial and “admitting we are powerless…” Denial is particularly problematic because the downside of drinking or using drugs plus denial and driving can be fatal for the substance abuser and others. Other health risks associated with addiction include heart disease, lung and liver disease, overdosing and brain damage. Why do people deny they need help? There are many reasons for denial. One reason is that people generally do not like to feel helpless and out-of-control and …show more content…

There are just some things that have to be accepted for what they are. For example, people may be born with a set of genes that could later make them prone to certain diseases. There is nothing that this person can do about their genetic inheritance, and all they can do is try to work with what they have. The ability to effectively deal with things that are beyond the control of the individual is referred to as acceptance. The key to success in life is as much about recognizing limitations as it is about taking positive action. It allows people to focus on those areas where their efforts will be most fruitful. Acceptance can be defined as the act of taking or receiving something offered. In human psychology, the word is used to describe a person’s assent to the reality of the situation. The individual is able to accept the reality of what is happening and they do not feel the need to protest it or change it. In order to find happiness in recovery it is important that people develop at least a certain degree of acceptance. Acceptance is a factor of emotional sobriety. It can be described as the ability to deal with feelings in a positive manner – or the willingness and ability of people to feel their

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