Denotation Of Poverty

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The dictionary denotation of poverty is “the state of being extremely poor.” Poverty is an issue that affects the world and has had a drastic effect on the United States. In fact, the 2015 poverty statistics from the United States Census Bureau show that “13.5 percent of US citizens (or 4.3 million people) [are] living in poverty.” This staggering amount can seem almost insurmountable. Another issue with poverty is the children who live in it can’t find a way out of it. They are born into lesser circumstances and are sometimes not given some of the same opportunities that someone with more financial flexibility would. As is evident, the American dream can be inhibited through poverty from the start of one’s life. The same article, released
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There have been proven cases of people beating the odds and overcoming this plague that is poverty. Also many scientists and economists have researched and found some ways to overcome poverty such as government stimulation of jobs, increased government funding of schools and the importance of being literate.
Beating the odds can be a very difficult task when a person does not have a job that can pay enough money to have any increase in wealth, but that is the issue that someone who suffers in poverty has to deal with. So how does one overcome this issue of having a job but not getting paid enough? Well Jennifer Frost, in her analysis of the book Why America Lost the War on Poverty—and How to Win it, she points out “the U.S.
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The United States can find examples in other countries where reading and empowerment has gotten people out of poverty. J. Marriote Ngwaru in her article Breaking the Cycle of Poverty through Early Literacy Support and Teacher Empowerment in Early Childhood Education discusses how learning to read at a young age is the most important part in “sustainable schooling and long term educational outcomes” (241) and she goes on to say that this will “enable families to break the cycle of poverty” (241). The foundation of education is literacy and being literate can determine how successful you are in the workplace. This is shown in the article Literacy: A Route to Addressing Child Poverty? National Literacy Trust Research Review it points out “data from national longitudinal datasets show that men and women with the lowest levels of literacy are also the least likely to be employed (e.g. Parsons and Bynner, 2006)(National Literacy Trust). So it is imperative that children learn to read and in an impoverished neighborhood it might be difficult to want to read. If a child’s parents do not know how to read, they will likely not be reading. If a child does not see his/her parent reading, then why would the child want to read? It has a ripple effect in these communities, therefore these neighborhoods need people and
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