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4 Simple Ways to Maximize Your Dental Coverage
You pay for your dental insurance with each paycheck you receive. With monies from your household budget going towards purchasing dental insurance, it makes sense for you to take full advantage of the coverage you purchase each year, right?
Many people pay for dental benefits, yet they never go to the dentist. People who do go to the dentist don’t take advantage of the full benefits their employer offers them through their dental insurance. Often these people go once a year to get a cleaning, but their dental insurance offers so much more.
We are here to help! We don’t want you to lose your money. The following are four simple ways you can maximize your dental benefits each year.
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Depending on the plan you have, you can’t exceed a certain dollar amount for dental services. If the language of your dental plan is confusing, then you can easily call your provider’s customer service number and ask them the amount of your annual benefit. With this figure, you and your dentist will have a better idea of what treatments you can afford without paying out of your pocket.
Educate Yourself on Waiting Periods
Another factor that affects your benefit calendar is waiting periods. Some dental insurance providers impose waiting periods for some of their customers. Typically waiting periods are associated with treatments that are considered to be extensive or major. If you need a procedure that has a waiting period, then you can inform your dentist and they will schedule you accordingly to ensure you don’t have to pay for the procedure.
Know What Is Covered on Your Plan
The last way to maximize your benefits is to know what is included in your plan. Most employers offer multiple options when it comes to dental insurance. Plans that include the most services are typically more expensive per paycheck. If you don’t know what’s covered in your plan, your dentists will happily help you review your coverage so that you can maximize your benefits. By creating a dental calendar with your dentist, you are effectively working out a dental strategy that will increase your oral

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