Oral Health

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Imagine after years of being dead, a human body is found and all that is really left of them is their teeth. Why? It may be because of the way they took care of their teeth while they were alive and the precaution methods they were educated about. Educating people about oral health is really important because teeth are the strongest bone in our body and they even preserve the most after we pass away, this means it is an essential factor to knowing how to protect them from getting a disease and keeping them as long as possible. Most patients are not aware of diseases in dentistry. Educating the older and the young generation will help to care for their oral health.
We do not know if patients are aware of dental diseases because we
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They will start rotting and falling off before they know it. Although many Americans have good oral hygiene due to fluoride and making everyday good decisions, others do not have any access at all to oral health care. Over the years, dentists have been trying to demonstrate the importance of oral care. (“Access to Dental Care”) From commercials to campaigns, dentists will continue to demonstrate to their patients as well as to the people who don't have insurance the importance of oral health care. They will teach them preventative care and some techniques on how to prevent from getting any diseases. Just because some people are getting older doesn't mean you should stop caring for your teeth. Tooth decay may develop on an old restorative care, so you should still be visiting your dentist on a regular basis. There has been statistics that gum disease mostly develop in adults. The aging should still be taking care of their most important part of their body which is there teeth. Because some elders might believe in the saying “ if it aint broke, dont fix it”, its not so helpful at all. It doesn't have to be broken to get fixed but if your teeth are rotting and damaging while you age you should be getting them fixed. (“Adult Dental Health”) That is why there are such things as dentures that can be put in as you age. Dentures are a replacement for teeth for a lifetime , but it doesn't mean you shouldn't take care of them because
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