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Denver International Airport Project Communication Plan Prepared by: Date: 6/15/12 Version: Master Plan Document Purpose Communication is a critical component in project delivery. It must be delivered in a timely and effective manner to all project stakeholders in order to meet objectives and achieve project goals. This document will detail the execution of all communication regarding the Denver Airport Project. This includes, but is not limited to, communication to and from executives, managers, and the project team. It will also discuss the means and frequency by which communication will be delivered. Overview The Denver International Airport project consists of designing and constructing a new airport, based upon a…show more content…
* Design reflecting a signature image for the airport, capturing the uniqueness of Denver and Colorado. * Cargo operating out of the northern edge of DIA, increasing time and cost for deliveries to Denver. Scope Statement (cont.) MILESTONES * Opening day – October, 1993 TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS * Design must be approved by a blue-ribbon commission. * System must meet software requirements. * State law prohibiting political entities from annexing land without the consent of its residents. LIMITS AND EXCLUSIONS 1. The airport will be built to the specifications and design provided by customer. 2. Agreement between Adams County and Denver: limits noise (continuous noise monitoring), requires the creation of a buffer zone to protect surrounding residents, and limits on such businesses as airport hotels that could be in direct competition with existing services provided in Adams County, airline maintenance, cargo, small package delivery, and other such airport-related activities. 3. The site has relocated/abandoned overhead power lines and gas wells; lacks infrastructure development and facilities for providing water, power, sewage disposal, and other such services. 4. High wind shears that will exist were the runways are placed affect airport design. CUSTOMER REVIEW City of Denver Project Organization The Denver Airport Project is made up of individuals and groups from different areas of the organization with a specified

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