Denying Our Children the Television

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Animals number one instinct is to reproduce. In most cases, this instinct ensures that the species will continue to live on. As the more advanced species, humans have continued to reproduce. Humans have done so for two key reasons. The first reason is the basic instinct of other animal, to ensure a continued species. The second reason is, most often, enjoyment. Many would believe that children are a blessing. Children are the future of the earth. They may learn to cultivate the ideas of this world and reap the benefits. These children will also learn to mold the ideas that they create and affect the world. Children may have a positive effect on the lives around. They can find what interests them and use it to their abilities. Some may also have a negative effect, destroying the lives around them. Some children may have no effect at all. A person having no effect on the world is unnerving, but a child having a negative effect on the world is a serious problem. An abundance of people believe that violent media, such as television and video games, can be linked to acts of crime committed later. As Newton Minow once said, “Children will watch anything, and when a broadcaster uses crime and violence and other shoddy devices to monopolize a child’s attention, it’s worse than taking candy from a baby. It is taking precious time from the process of growing up.” When the idea that the media has taken away the process of growing up is in question, I can’t help to wonder whether this

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