Department Of Homeland Security : A Nation We Must Never Overlook Any Threat

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As a nation we must never overlook any threat. With groups like ISIS and other terror groups we must always be vigilant. One area where we must pay close attention is within our nation’s critical infrastructures. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has identified 16 critical infrastructure sectors. These sectors assets, systems, and networks are considered so vital to our nation that their destruction or incapacitation would cause grave harm to our national security, economic security, and public health or safety (Critical Infrastructure Sectors, 2016). To better realize this areas importance we will look at the top three vulnerable sectors.
#1. Communication Sector This sector is an integral component to your nation’s economy, operations of all businesses, as well as public and government organizations. In addition, this sector is mainly operated by the private sector (Critical Infrastructure Sectors, 2016). These reasons are why I feel this sector is most vulnerable for attack. With the majority of the sector ran by private companies and the critical nature of this sector makes it a prime area for attack. The chaos which would ensue due an attack on this sector could be devastating. With the loss of communication our nation could not function.
Post 9/11 the President’s Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection acknowledge the interlinking systems and dependencies within our critical infrastructures poses many vulnerabilities which would allow adversary incapable

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