Maintaining the United States' National Infrastructure Essay

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United States’ national infrastructure are resources that are vital to keep commerce operating. Technology have allowed the governments and the private sector to share vital information with them. The nation well-being depend on each of the critical infrastructures, the big question is on how to maintain all of our infrastructure sectors operative without any problem. There a big wave of threats to our nation and if one of this threads go through, it can created a multidimensional problem to the infrastructure system of the country. The main concerns that exist in protecting the U.S. against any attacks to any U.S. infrastructure and in the same time on how to have a system that work well with other agencies. For example; is important to …show more content…

Describe why the author of the article says that oil and gas industries are prime targets for cyber criminals more than other infrastructures and state whether or not you agree and why.
The author describe the oil and gas industries are prime targets for cyber criminals because of the pressure to increase productivity and reduce costs through network integration. The standard practice for most of this companies were created without thinking they were to become targets of criminals and terrorist. Oil and gas industries, are control via internet based technologies, this mean the information is sharing in real time form place to place, this gives criminal easy access to these companies. It also mention in the article that oil companies are attack as many of 500 hack attacks a week.
There regulation in place but every time there spending cut, technology is the first to by impacted, although the strategies and policies created by the government and this companies are basically on the right track, significant aspects of implementation are seriously deficient. The oil and gas industry have o lot of information that criminal can use to attack some more important that other. Criminal can destroy a lot of data for example financial information they can also get customer information, chemical formulas and specific project information that can have a greater effect and impact to the economy and the

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