Dependency on Computer

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Lots of people accept the most invention that is computer. While people didn’t need to computers in the days of old, nowadays computers are used almost everywhere. The life without computer is impossible for people. Not only computer but, also internet. We are so much dependent on computers. Although PCs make many things esaier for us, there are some evidence that depending on computers brings negative results. Supporters of dependence on computers a good thing say that we can learn easily information about whatever we want, find a friend who live to other cities, and work from home on computers. We know that science and teconology will be more developed, our life can easier use computers. However, such an argument completely ignores that…show more content…
Dependence on anything at all is not a good idea if one sacrifice's the ability to think for oneself. It is always advisable to use a range of strategies to manage one's life. Having said that, I'm wondering what you mean by dependence. It's hard to imagine anyone not being able to live without computers. It is a fact that in today's world computers open up one's life to a broader and deeper range of information and knowledge than has previously been available to ordinary people. To not avail oneself of using a computer would be a shame. It is the technology of today: the increase one's independence. I love them and I would miss them if notavailable but it wouldn't be the end of the world This technology was developed to make things easier for us. However, too much dependence on computers is not a good thing for the following reasons: 1) because these things make our lives easier, being too dependent on them makes us not use our minds that often anymore; 2) because these are machines, there is a possibility of them bogging down and if they do, just think of how you would feel if you rely on them for almost everything...and get this. don't you notice that when you are rushing some work on the computer, that's when it chooses to function slowly or even not to
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