How Are Americans Too Dependent On Computers

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Americans have at present become too dependent on computers. With the invention of computers years ago, they have become an essential part of human life. Americans have increasingly become dependent on computers, and it is quite unbelievable that almost fifty years ago, many of them had never seen a computer before. Presently, computers are in use in almost every aspect of human life, at almost all corners of the globe. People can now work from the comfort of their own homes, interact instantly with their family or friends living abroad, and even socialize with strangers from all over the world. This paper explores how Americans are becoming too dependent on computers for communication, education, and entertainment. Since the introduction of personal computers, people have gradually become more secluded. Although computers are quite essential, it has reached a point where many people rely too much on them. Computers are meant to be used to get a task done, and not to the point where they become the main, if not the only form of entertainment. Today, computer dependency has become a problem among American teenagers, who often devote most of their time playing video games or surfing the internet (Friedman, 2005). This …show more content…

The increased dependence on computers should be moderated by preserving the time-honored ideals of interacting with people in person, and going out for walks or enjoy nature. Americans should try to continue enjoying human bonds, and resist the urge of being in an exclusive relationship with a cold computer gadget. The constant distraction by the internet should not be the reason why other human beings who have no means to enjoy the privilege are forgotten. It should encourage more relationships among humans, without turning the American way of life into e-dependent lives, where morals and values are

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