Depression: A Mental Illness

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Depression is a very serious and detailed disease that affects the brain and body in multiple ways. Most people think of it as a simple chemical imbalance, but in reality; it is very complicated and has multiple components. This disease has intrigued multiple people and has brought them to study numerous amounts of text and even create their own writings about this mental illness. The History of Depression Depression has been apprehended as an ailment for thousands of years and has been studied by multiple people throughout them. The Egyptians wrote of the problem and has even created a temple that seems to be used as almost a hospital for the mentally sick. The Ancient Greeks and Romans also recognized the idea of depression. In the 1500s they described it as a deep sadness. The Ancient Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians saw depression as a curse. They blamed angry and troublemaking Gods for the illness. Due to this belief, rituals and prayers had a main part of treating depression. The Ancient Greeks and Romans called the disease they believed to be cursed upon them “Melencholia”, which is what the world melancholy comes from. It was not until around 300 B.C.E. that somewhat of a scientific explanation had appeared. Hippocrates, a Greek physician, proposed the idea of an imbalance of four substances, or humors, in the body. Hippocrates believed that the four humors were yellow bile, black bile, and phlegm, and he believed an increased amount of black bile induced deep

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