Depression And Its Effects On Depression

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Depression, a word we all have heard, not all of us understand, and a select few are trying to dissect. However, in doing so, theories are created, and sometimes those same theories will have negatives consequences. In an attempt to further understand depression, I chose Depression’s Upside. If one were simply reading the title, one would assume this would be about some sort of break through in the Psychology field of research, or at the very least an optimistic view on depression. However, the entire article was based on the idea that reasons for depression were causes of it. In the article, depression is first discussed through Charles Darwin’s point of view. Not only did he have his own beliefs but he also suffered from depression for years. Darwin’s belief was that depression was the minds own self defense mechanism. “…It is well adapted to make a creature guard itself against any great or sudden evil”, goes along with the idea of evolution. Being that depression is so prevalent, it is only normal to assume there’s an evolutionary purpose and reason behind it. But, if depression drains us, and slowly takes away our will to live, what is the purpose? Obviously, evolution has “made a tragic mistake”. In order to fix said mistake we use medications to feel better, but what if depression had a “secret purpose”? This would signify that our mental problems all have a purpose. Andy Thompson, who is a psychiatrist, believes that reasons equal causes. For example, if an older
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