Depression And The Great Depression

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My great grandmother, Mildred McClellan-Vanarsdale, lived through different historical events in the African American community. "If there is no struggle there is no progress," a famous quote spoken by the great Fredrick Douglass. It explains that some situations need to have a struggle in order to prosper. The African Americans that lived in the time period of the thirties to the two-thousands understood every event that took place. The Great Depression was a big event that took place before the birth of my great grandmother. The Great Depression had a huge impact on Mildred's parents. My great grandmother was born in 1938, which was the end point of the Great Depression. It was a period of a huge economical downfall in the United States. It was ranked the worst and also the longest period of unemployment being high.("Great Depression Facts") The president during The Great Depression was Herbert Hoover. The Reconstruction Financial Corporation was created by him as an attempt to help the financial problem ("Great Depression Facts"). It did not help very much. October 24,1929 was the day the stock market crashed in America. It was later known as "Black Thursday". On October 29,1929, stocks were being traded for falling prices. This day was later known as "Black Tuesday". Fourteen million dollars were lost on "Black Friday" and thirty million were lost in that entire week ("Great Depression Facts"). The stock market was the first sign of The Great Depression. Franklin
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