Depression Is A Disease, Not A Disgrace

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Depression is a Disease, Not a Disgrace There is a hell. It is hell on earth. It is called depression. Depression is a disease that does not play fair. It is the only disease that exists where your own mind tries to kill you. With other diseases, your body sickens you while your mind stays strong and tells you to fight. With depression, your body sickens you while your mind tells you to give up. At times it may even tell you to die. Depression is a monster. Not only is depression very painful, it is also highly stigmatized. Depression is like the Ebola of illnesses. People act like it is contagious. No one wants to talk about it and those who do are seen as weak or whiny. No one wants to hear about it either. It is like not wanting to make eye contact with the odd guy on the bus. Talking about depression is something that is avoided. The only way to un-stigmatize and un-vilify this disease is to talk about it. Once in the grips of depression, there is a demon that is wrestled with physically, emotionally and mentally. Depression isn’t something you are, or something you become. It is an illness. This illness will sometimes visit once, never to be seen again like the flu or it will become a chronic disease to be managed, like diabetes. There are stable periods. Years of feeling great and living life like it is an endless gift, until it isn’t and you wake up and feel off. Everything seems a little harder and a little more overwhelming. Everything is heavier, including the
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