Depression : A Severe Mental Health Disorder Essay

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Practice problem, need or decision on which question is based
About 19 million teens and adults in the United States alone suffer from depression a very serious medical illness. Depression is far more concerning than just feeling sad or going through hard times for a day. Depression is a severe mental health disorder that consists of seeking help, management, and a recovery plan (Durbin, 2014). However, many individuals do not seek the proper help because of the stigma depression comes along with, such as being classified as being crazy or weak minded. The social worker’s practice problem is to focus on decreasing symptoms of depression on the individuals who come in the clinic feeling depressed. In addition, an untreated depression is a serious problem because it leads to high dangerous behavior such as self-harm, drug addiction, alcohol abuse, and domestic violence (Durbin, 2014). Suffering from depression can cause the individual to lose loved ones by the lack of comprehension, cause complications at work, and it can make it hard to deal with emotionally as each day passes by. In conclusion, this research study in depression is important because the percentage of high-risk behavior could be decreased and it can help save the lives of people suffering from depression.
• Population affected by the practice problem
The social worker stated that the populations affected by depression are individuals who are going through life adjustments and are having a hard time adapting

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