Depression Is A Real Mental Health Issue

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Depression is a very real mental health issue that has only recently been taken under the realm of psychosocial research. Like other diseases, depression affects an individual’s day to day activities and their interpersonal behavior. Contrary to most popular belief, depression isn’t a condition that a person can just “snap out of” and resume his/her normal life. This disease can have very dangerous implications in an individual’s productivity by limiting their willingness to enter social situations, quality of life, and even their mechanisms to cope with depression.In studies regarding “public conceptions of mental illnesses”, many people regarded physical stressors such as alcohol and abuse as causes as opposed to genetic ones. Another research study has found that social withdrawal and depression can form a feedback loop. Social media can prove to be a double-edged sword in this situation in that it can provide an outlet of help but also make the individual more open to cyberbullying. Finally, another research piece that I utilized included an important finding that depressed individuals are more sensitized to positive and negative social interactions rather than the expected reaction of only responding to negative reactions. Literature Review/Background Information: In a study “ Public conceptions of mental illness: labels, causes, dangerousness, and social distance” the general public opinion regarding mental health issues, their dangerousness, and their desired
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