Mental Illness In America Essay

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The Stigma of Mental Illness in America I consider myself lucky, lucky that I was able to get help before it was too late. But most times in America the ones that need help the most are afraid to get it, and we don’t know who they are. It could be your frail, quiet, precise mailman, a constantly changing, moody friend, your very own nervous anxious boss, the rather aggravated stranger you pass by on the way to work, maybe even the familiar figure looking back at you in the mirror. But we don’t know, and probably never will because of the stigma that is placed on mental illness. Nearly 25% of America’s population deals with mental illness, and frankly, America is not helping them. In 2015 we know a lot more about mental illness then we used …show more content…

More and more celebrities have been stepping out and telling their story to encourage others to get the help they need. Each year organizations are formed with one purpose in mind; to gain awareness on mental illness in order to break the stigma. But is that enough? With the media exuding this stigma like a parasite slowly affecting its prey.With the news constantly exaggerating these stories beyond their true happenings. With movies using false notions and writing mentally ill off as extreme violence, unbearable depressives, exaggerated perfectionists, or insane narcissists with no in between. It is not enough. No matter how much information and knowledge reaches the population it is immediately crushed by the media of this generation that benefits and profits from these false depictions. This very stigma that is seeping from the media is mentally poisoning those who are actually mentally weak to the degree which they are afraid to get help due to fear of not wanting anyone to know of their condition and being rejected from society. But not getting help overtime can build up hostile feelings which will manifest itself in another light, and often as we have seen in recent news, that light is not very

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