Depression: The Evil And Effects Of Depression As An Evil

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Depression is an evil, put onto an individual, mostly due to societal factors, health or economic factors. Some of the causes can be eliminated, but all of these causes cannot be eradicated completely, as the world and society and its effects on an individual can only be dealt with by addressing that particular person and his issues.
Depression can be very dangerous, especially in today’s day and age, and definitely is a huge issue that has to be dealt with.
People have the belief that lack of happiness or remorse, cannot be a very serious health issue, but it is not true. In developing and underdeveloped countries, depression is generally seen as a trivial issue which is definitely not life-threatening. But, the fact that depression can have serious effects and consequences on life, career, workplace and family, especially when people are supposed to do their …show more content…

Mental health of a person in India usually is centred on a crude definition of anyone who is considered not in their senses and not being capable of surviving normally in the society and the mood of a person is seen as a fluctuating thing.
The recent campaigns against depression, most of them online and in social media are a very welcome step towards acceptance and awareness of this grave problem. The arguments against depression, far outnumber the ones in favour of it.
No matter how many points we put across stating the positives of depression, it does not give as many positives as one could have gotten by simply remaining happy.

As, the report seeks to prove, Depression is a serious problem and need to be tackled and the worrying statistics justify this. Proper concern, awareness and acceptance of the problem can go a long way into solving this problem and giving it the attention it

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