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The presupposition of “Preparing for a Career” by Derek Bok indicates that vocational and liberal arts majors should merge to help students prepare for their career. Bok’s purpose is to convince the readers to treat both majors equally, whether it’s vocational or liberal arts. Bok argues that vocational and liberal arts should combine because liberal arts gives students writing, reading, presentation skills and critical thinking while vocational majors prepare students for their future career. Bok suggests that college should give students opportunities to build connections in their major, instructor should give students feedback about their work. Many students go to college to make more money; therefore, colleges needs to improve the …show more content…

Bok’s argument is to show the readers the importance of liberal art. According to Bok, “Liberal arts programs seldom take adequate account of the crucial importance of students’ careers- career that will inevitably affect what kind of persons they become, how well they balance the claims of work and family and what opportunities they have to serve others besides themselves” (345). This statement indicates the importance of liberal arts because without it, students wouldn't be able to succeed in school. For example, middle school and high school students are required to learn English, history, reading and math in order to move into …show more content…

Bok tends to favor vocational majors more than liberal arts because he states that vocational majors are easier to find a job and earn money faster. College should give students more opportunities to build connections within one’s career and give one feedback about one’s work. “Preparing for a Career” makes the reader question about college and whether or not liberal art majors will benefit them in the future. Bok’s argument focuses heavily on how to improve the education system in order to help students in

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