Essay on The Benefits of a Liberal Arts Degree

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Liberal Arts are academic subjects such as literature, philosophy, mathematics, and social and physical sciences as distinct from professional and technical subjects. This approach to education provides students with specialized ability in a chosen major as well as builds a foundation of skills and knowledge that can be applied among many career paths and academic pursuits. Employers value the ability to solve problems, adapt to change, work across disciplines, and collaborate with others, which are distinctive tenants acquired when you pursue a major in liberal arts. Clearly, all successful careers require critical thinking, teamwork, sensitivity to cultural, demographic, economic and societal differences and political perspectives. A liberal arts education provides this grounding. Most people will have six to 10 jobs during their careers, and liberal arts majors are the most adaptable to new circumstances. No one knows what the jobs of the future will be, but a liberal arts degree provides a great foundation for adjusting to new careers and further education. A liberal arts degree is the most important factor in forming individuals into interesting and interested people who can determine their own paths through the future. Most employers have agreed that having both stem and liberal educational background is most important for recent college graduates to achieve long-term success. In fact, employers are asking more colleges to emphasize key areas: critical thinking written…

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