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I want a career that allows me to continually improve my abilities serving and working in an area where I can perform to the best of my ability and when successful, accomplish self-satisfaction in a job I have always wanted. I also wish to play my part helping the community where I may be usefully deployed. I am eager and willing to learn and have every intention to do the best I can and be successful. I have found I can accept information from my superiors and impart this to members of the public in a sensible and helpful way. I was born in Kent and have lived here all my life. Leaving school I followed a sport route studying sport and exercise fitness for two years, then followed sport and criminology 3 year degree at Canterbury Christchurch University in Kent. Having first joined the special constabulary based in Ashford, I was selected to patrol the east of the county. I feel a need to protect and serve in the area that I am committed to. I also agree with the forces aims and policies and believe that it is a force that is progressive. I feel it is a force I would like to be connected with. …show more content…

When I took my oath as a special constable, I swore to protect people and property, doing so upholding fundamental human rights and according equal respect to all people. This means that it is my duty to protect the community and enforce the law. I have already been tested in a number of tasks which I believe will help me in the role of a police

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