Describe Your Experience Through Administering The Pre Test And Post Test Assessment

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I. Analysis of Assessment 1. Describe your experience in administering the pre-test and post-test to the student(s) during both IPPR lessons. Lesson one of the IPPR lesson assignment was focused on counting and “determining the value of a collection of pennies, nickels, and dimes whose total value is 100 cents or less” (“VA First Grade Curriculum Framework,” 2011). This was the first lesson that I have ever conducted using a pre and post-test assessment. The pre and post-test assessments were worksheets that I printed off and were found at Both pre and post-test assessments contained nine picture questions each. During the pre-test assessment, I clearly noticed that I had not done my job as an educator when trying to find the appropriate pre-test assessment. I noticed right away that there were way too many questions on the page for my student to concentrate. After watching my student fidget and lose focus on what she was working on, it became clear to me that she was becoming overwhelmed by the number of problems on the page. It was when I realized that I decided to reduce the number of problems that she had to complete from nine to five. Nevertheless, despite reducing the number of pre-test assessment problems and the fact that this student is extremely smart for her grade and age along with already having worked on counting money in her classroom, she still missed three of the five pre-test assessment questions. Because I reduced the
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