Describe the development of computers from the year 1945 until 2013 Computer History and

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Describe the development of computers from the year 1945 until 2013 Computer; History and Development:

We already know that the computer had been so much help for our life for a long time since the computer had been reveal. For the first what is computer all about? As per Wikipedia and also source that I search from internet, the meaning of computer is a general purpose device that can be programmed to carry out set of arithmetic or logical operations automatically and also can solve more than one of problem that can help the human to think. Computer also is a machine that is able to take information or store information, do some work on or make changes to the information, to make new information. This all function of computers were
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This machine consumed 160 kilowatts electrical power and it was faster than the system that use when world war two.
The second generation of the computer have improved a little by the invention of new small item that already make it change too much that been called transistor. In 1948 the invention of transistor makes change of computer’s development. This transistor made to replace the cumbersome vacuum tube in the computers and the result make the size of the technology of the computer become smaller, faster, and more reliable and more energy than before. William Shockley, Walter Brattain and John Bardeen successfully tested this point –contrast transistor, setting off the semiconductor revolution. They improved models of the transistor that develop at AT&t Bell Laboratories, supplanted vacuum tubes on the computer at that time.
The advantage of this transistor is could handle an enormous amount of data, a capability much in demand by atomic scientists to do their work. However the new generation machines were costly but powerful, somehow they really need to invest their money for the machine to make changes and help in their project successfully. So that there were only two LARCs were ever installed. First in the Lawrence Radiation Labs in Livermore, California which the computer was named
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