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Description of Center 1 The minute I walked in the students were at play. Primarily there was a lot of dramatic play going on. I overheard a conversation between two boys:
Student 1: "Pretend my dinosaur just got struck and you be the doctor and pretend I call you on the phone. What’s your phone number?"
Student 2: "Mmmmm... 22265"
Student 1: "Ok. Hello Doctor, the dinosaur got struck, come quick, he has a torn leg. Can you come over?"
Student 2: "ok..ok" I kept observing around the classroom. What I noticed the most was dramatic play tools and toys everywhere. Apparently, the children were free to move around and move their play to other spaces in the classroom. There were old toys, empty food containers, baby clothes for the dolls, and old clothes for dress-up. Most of the toys seemed as if they would be ordinary tools used at home. The toys and props were in plastic containers with an image that corresponds to their contents. Some were labeled play shop, house, bank, post-office, the doctor’s surgery, the secretary’s office, etc. As I continued to observe, I found children using lengths of cloth as if they represented sea waves and the same cloths were used by other kids but they seemed to be using it as saris. There were adjustable Styrofoam frame constructed into what appeared to be a house by a couple of students. On a corner of the room I noticed a student using a travel brochure, an empty sun lotion bottle, wearing sunglasses, and him lying on

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