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  • Old Macdonald, The Itsy Bitsy Spider And So On

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    Even before recognizing print on a page we introduced read-aloud through familiar songs, Old MacDonald, The Itsy Bitsy Spider and so on. There is clear evidence that the earlier a child is introduced to reading, the earlier children write. “There is no better way to create a love for books in children of all ages than by reading” (Vacca, 2015, p. 102) Here are some basic guidelines when reading to children: Do’s and Don’ts - Pick out a special time each day that they can expect to have your full

  • Personal And Confocial And Personal Observation Of A Child

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    Personal and Confidential Observation 1 Yuba College Student “Sebastian”, Age 4 years June 16, 2017 1 Session 5:00-6:30 pm Introduction The purpose of this observation is to gain understanding of a child between 3-5 years in all five areas of development. For my first observation I observed a 4 year old boy named Sebastian. And my goal for this observation is to understand more in depth of the five development stages; social and emotional, language, cognitive, and physical development

  • Description And Description Of Center 1

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    Description of Center 1 The minute I walked in the students were at play. Primarily there was a lot of dramatic play going on. I overheard a conversation between two boys: Student 1: "Pretend my dinosaur just got struck and you be the doctor and pretend I call you on the phone. What’s your phone number?" Student 2: "Mmmmm... 22265" Student 1: "Ok. Hello Doctor, the dinosaur got struck, come quick, he has a torn leg. Can you come over?" Student 2: "ok..ok" I kept observing around the

  • The Importance Of Volunteer Work At A Daycare

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    I did my volunteer work at a local daycare in my hometown, Tahlequah. The site is called Tahlequah Early Learning Academy (TELA) and is a side site to Cherokee Nation Early Childhood Unit. I did not know of this center until I did my volunteer work. I really didn’t even know the building was in use because it use to be the old central for grades 5th and 6th. This building is located a couple of blocks west of Tahlequah High School. Conversely, upon doing the volunteer work, I came to find out that

  • Nonverbal Communication

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    Kevin, a two- year child with a language delay or potential language impairment uses methods such as gestures in order to communicate his needs. He has small expressive vocabulary, not able to imitate words and has limited pretend play. His gestures to help communicate seem to be a strength, in that he seems to be conscious of his potential to control the actions of others. He also has some aspiration to communicate regardless of his limited vocabulary. As I previously stated, when it comes to content

  • Human Identity, Art And Symbolism In Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man

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    Ralph Ellison’s “Invisible Man” is intricate novel that does an excellent job at exhibiting motifs that the author himself felt passionate towards considering the era he lived in. Among the plethora of motifs that Ralph Ellison embedded three particular categories that can be constructed. These categories of concepts addressed in Ellison's classic are the following: Human Identity, Art and Understanding, and Human Existence. Human Identity is presented with a prevalent theme portrayed in this novel

  • The Appropriateness Of Resource For Students Who Are Pre K With Grade With Beginner Intermediate Level Esl Skills

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    Appropriateness of resource. is an appropriate resource for students who are pre-k to second grade with beginner to intermediate level ESL skills. The interactive activities, stories, songs, are designed to be easily and freely explored by young learners who are motivated by fun, colorful, animated charters and many prompt to “click on.” Visual and auditory learners will be well suited to this site as the activities consist of brightly colored visuals paired with auditory directions

  • My Experience For Speaking English

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    Ironically, the international school I went was overrun with native-thai speakers. Frequently, I would unintentionally get into trouble for speaking Thai. It would be phenomenal to speak English and satisfy the tyrannical hearts of my young farang teachers but the environment was unsupportive. Everyday during free time I would sit in a corner surrounded by bookshelves and release my inner English Literature teacher to speak English with the girls as they speak back to me but as soon as free time

  • My Cell Phone Rang As The Spaghetti Sauce And Fresh Vegetables

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    My cell phone rang as the spaghetti sauce and fresh vegetables simmered on the stovetop. After looking at the screen, I saw that it was Latria and shooed Tia out of the kitchen. Lord knows, I didn’t want her telling Trent any of my business. “Sorry Lyric, I was in the bath when you text messaged me,” Latria said. “Girl, you wouldn’t believe what happened. I ran into Diamond at the grocery store. I got close enough to her to see that she has a ring that resembles mine. I also overheard her cell phone

  • Essay about Use of Multiple Stretegies to Teach Literacy

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    Using hand movements to the rhymes, like Itsy Bitsy Spider, gives children the kinesthetic reminder of what comes next but also allows students who might be nonverbal to participate in the rhyme activity. Reading The ultimate goal for any reader should be to understand the text. While a student might