Description Of A Choir Concert

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Music is the melody and the language of our hearts. It is an external manifestation of the aspirations, love, and sorrow that we feel. It is like the words in our heart expresses itself in music, and it is the best form of relaxation and well being for times immemorial. Listening to music has always been part of my life. On December 3, 2017,I attended the first choir concert of my life. The name of the concert was Sounds of the Season. This event took place at the University of Arkansas Fort Smith in the Breedlove Auditorium. The concert was performed by director Dr.Timothy Workman, pianists Terri Bailey, Gini Law, UAFS concert chorale, and UAFS Women’s Chorus. The theme of the performance was Christmas, the best time of the year. All the songs were from the twentieth century.
There were a lot people waiting outside when I got there at 7 pm. People were able to walk in the doors at 7:15 pm. Approximately 120 people attended this concert, making the auditorium seem nearly filled. There was a man in a tuxedo passing out the printed programs, the program was a yellow pamphlet. There was also a paper inside the pamphlet that had director’s information, Concert Chorale's name, and Women’s chorus’s name. The concert started at 7:30pm. There were eight guys who played instruments that were sitting in the front. As for the Chorals, there were girls on the two sides and guys were in the middle. They started with “I Saw Three ships” arr. Mack Wilberg. I was surprised by how

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