Description Of A Shopping Holiday

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A Shopping Holiday Are you hungry for some healthful eats? Craving some good wine? Maybe you 're just hankering for a great deal. Then let 's take a stroll down to the 'docks ' and pay a visit to old Trader Joe. If you 're lucky enough to find parking –it seems most Trader Joes ' have rather limited parking lots– you’re on your way to an adventure in grocery shopping. As you pass through the magical sliding glass doors, you enter another world, a fascinating bustle of excitement, smiles and wholesome nutrition. This self-proclaimed “Unique Grocery Store” is certainly unlike any other vendor of goods you will find. Compared to your ordinary Ralph’s, Von’s or Costco, Trader Joe’s offers its customers, and its employees, a fully realized theme environment, not unlike what one might find at a store designed by the Walt Disney Company. As you enter the brightly-lit space guests are overwhelmed with a very welcoming, island atmosphere: flowers, Tiki carvings, hand-painted signage, and some stores even have aisles with thatched-roof awnings supported by heavy wooden poles to ensure you get the idea. This theming and design takes customers out of the real world and into an over-seas adventure. While walking around the store, selecting your rather common loaves of bread or chicken breasts, you get the drawing impression that you are on a very uncommon tropical vacation. In our fast-paced, modern environment here in Southern California, any respite from the madness is a welcomed
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