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Texas has a problem as large as its own state. It’s the problem of having an exhausting distance between you and a resting break on a long road trip. That is until you see the bright, flashy lights and a friendly beaver logo at Buc-ee’s, the world’s largest gas station. As you drive the actual thousands of miles that comprise Texas’ highway system, the one must-stop spot on a road trip is Buc-ee’s, a chain sprinkled along the big state. Home to over a hundred gas pumps, Buc-ee’s attracts attention to many Texans by providing more than cheap gas prices. Arch “Beaver” Aplin began the idea of Buc-ee’s by initially designing restrooms – what he believed to be the main attraction of any convenience store. As you imagine a break from a long …show more content…

Walls and shelves of different treats, and Buc-ee’s even presents its own brand of Beaver Nuggets - a sweet, crunchy corn snack. And in each store, a counter the size of a small New York City apartment is overly stocked with 30 flavors beef jerky, smoked sausages and other cured meats. When standing in that area, you can smell the Bohemian garlic beef jerky, which had a pleasant salty pungency, and the cherry maple, which is a lot more subtly sweet than it sounds. Next to that, there’s a quick-service restaurant, prepping many dishes, ranging from smoked brisket to Tex-Mex tacos. Looking at the options of spicy pickled quail eggs to sweet apple pies, the food provided at Buc-ee’s is more than enough to eat for a small break on the road. The varieties and large portions of food seemed to have a meaning beyond consumption itself. As people carry to go boxes and not even open or taste some of the food during their stop, the food loses its meaning of being eaten and gains a meaning of being a souvenir. The cultural food alone provokes customers to want to keep these seemingly authentic, home cooked items, perhaps to share or give to others as novelties and gifts. With that, Buc-ee’s intends to provide more than necessary. The chain inspires such loyalty that Buc-ee’s sells a popular line of t-shirts, emblazoned with its unnamed beaver mascot and cheeky slogans like “my overbite is sexy!” and “power to the beaver.” It’s not

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