Description Of My First Concert

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First Concert
Going to Pittsburgh and my first concert was by far the most enjoyable event in my life. I had never been to a concert before. I heard about concert trips from my friends, and everything they said about going to a concert was true, from the positive feelings to having a hoarse throat. Having that hoarse throat may sound weird, but it shows that the participant sang all night. It sounded like somebody rubbed sandpaper on their vocal cords. I will never regret that small and irritating pain in my throat, though, because it was worth it. If anyone ever goes to a concert with friends, the trip will be one of the greatest points of their lives.
The beginning of this whole event started back near the middle of April. I was on my phone, and I saw there was a Chance The Rapper tour. Three of my close friends, David, Gage, and Gracie, also enjoy Chance The Rapper music. There was a concert date in Pittsburgh; therefore, I told my friends we should go, and they agreed. I said we should do it on May 20 because it was two days after summer break started. My friend David bought tickets for all of us and his dad because he had to supervise us, for the PPG Paints Arena at Pittsburgh. The next day we saw him and we repaid him. I was ecstatic because I was going to see my favorite rapper and attend my first concert. It started off with Gracie, David, and Gage and me going but then after two weeks Gracie could not go so we had a slight problem. She could not go because there
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