Description Of The Barn Cats Essay

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It 's autumn and, just like any other season, you 're hard at work at your barn. Your barn cats are hard at work, as well, hunting and munching on the overabundant rodent population nesting in your hay. In a brief moment of rest, you remove your gloves, wincing as the cold air hits your dry, cracked skin. One of the barn cats also joins you in your reprieve and you reach down to run your hands through her fur. Briefly, you notice a bit of nasal discharge and some scabs on her paws and face, but you chalk it up to the weather and get back to work.
A couple of days go by and you begin to notice pus-like sores on your hands. They 're inflamed and red and suddenly you 're reminded of the barn cat you pet a while back. Deciding to give her a more thorough once-over, you return to the barn on your precious day off to hunt her down. It 's easy enough to find her; she 's resting atop a pile of blankets while the other cats are out and about hunting. She appears thinner than you remember her being and she barely even registers your approach, but you immediately notice rodent bites on her face and paws that appear infected.
Upon closer inspection, beneath her fur there are multiple crusted wounds, some circular bumps while others appear to be swollen and flat. The skin is also broken in some places, equally as crusty and flaking off in places. You know that these are ulcerated nodules and, regardless of an underlying infection, they need to be treated before they get worse

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