Description Of The Profectus

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Depressing gray clouds was the daily forecast of this city. Sometimes a brave glimmer would slip through grayness, shedding light on things better left unseen, the filthy alleyways full of horrendous muck and human waste being the least of them. Yet this place remains to be the capital, the grandeur of the Profectus Empire, an ancient yet ever expanding superpower constructed upon the hundreds of thousands of corpses-- In all, not much different than its neighborhood kingdoms. Forged with metal and stone instead of fragile and inflammable wood, the Profectus traded military and economical structural advances in trade of it’s citizens well being. So far, it had worked fabulously. It’s an industrialized nation reliant on wars and expansion …show more content…

The insides cozy and lavish that the air itself seemed yellow and lustrous. Even the chairs were golden, embellished by countless designs of eloquent symbols and of mystical beasts enthralled by what looked like olive branches. The olive branches design stretched along its golden legs, behind the soft red cushion and expanded into an upside U for the spine of the chair. The hot soups, chunks of beef, and sweet bread oozing of yellow cream entranced the boy’s eyes, incapacitating him. Yet, even with all the wonderful sight of food and alluring women, he could not block the sight of his reflection. A face white as snow, holding a few scratches along his cheeks and the bottom of his chin, his ears red ears warmed by a fair amount of black hair. His red nose stubbornly braced itself against the sharp winds of January. Releasing a handful of fog from his dry lips into his soft hands, his mind drew blank, drifting off. With vacant eyes, the boy released one last puff and readied himself to depart, to drift alongside the endless amount of humans, but a big hand took a tight grasp of his right shoulder, holding him in pace. Surprised, the boy turned with eyebrows slightly raised at the man behind him. The man was no different from the passer-bys: black leather shoes, black suit, and a dark top hat. His brown eyes though held a certain tenderness to them. Standing at 5.5 feet tall

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