Description of an Off-Campus Event

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Stepping outside of one’s own comfort zone is not an always an easy accomplishment. It can be very uncomfortable to do something that would never usually be a part of your normal everyday life, especially when it involves your religion and beliefs. On the flipside of all the lack of comfort, doing something you usually would not do has many great benefits, such as learning new ideas and facts, meeting new people, and overall broadening your knowledge of the world. As a non-denominational Christian, I decided to challenge myself by attending a religious event that I would never typically attend. On Sunday, March 30th, I attended a Mass service at a Roman Catholic Church; specifically St. Gabriel Parish in Norwood, Pennsylvania with a Catholic friend of mine that I was visiting for the weekend. This was the first time I ever attended an actual Sunday morning service that was Catholic, and I found it to be quite the interesting experience, even though it was not as unusual for me as I had originally presumed it would be. I grew up in Norwood right near St. Gabriel, and passed it every day to go to my good friend’s home that was a football field length away from the churches front doors, but I have never attended a Mass there, or at any other Catholic church for that matter. I have always had a negative mentality when it comes to St. Gabriel because growing up the priest at the church would often scold me and my friends for playing stickball in the alleyway between the church

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