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Many people would not imagine that an eleven-year-old girl would be able to prepare an elaborate and tasteful feast for the Jehovah Witnesses Church. I was not that girl, but I did attend their picnic. As a child, I was not fully exposed to the different cultures that surrounded me. I have always believed that everyone was like me. Physically I can tell that everyone was different, from color to height, though I assumed that everyone had the same Catholic beliefs as me. From this event and another, I was able to experience and acknowledge the diversity in my world, not only physically but also mentally and spiritually.
In sixth grade, everyone got along with everyone else. There were not any problems because we all understood each other on …show more content…

In my eyes, God’s existence was as true as the existence of the brain. I have never seen it in real life, but I have seen proof of what it can accomplish. It got me thinking about my friend who was Jehovah’s Witness. She was raised differently compared to me. The difference between my Jehovah Witness friend and my atheist friend was that I was able to relate more with the one who believed in our God. I began to think deeper than just the exterior difference between us. I started thinking about how he pictured my religion. In his eyes, I believed in someone who did not exist. I believed in someone who, in many people’s eyes, had no legitimate proof of existence. The following day, I went to apologize. I told him that he had the same right as me to believe in what he felt was …show more content…

I have met Mormons, Atheist, Muslims, and others. In each instance, I accepted their views in life and they accepted mine. In this year’s elections, religion is a common topic of discussion. Even though the United States is based on the freedom of religion, many informed Americans are not acknowledging other religions, as if they are an uninformed eleven-year-old girl. The fact is that the world is different and each individual has a different view of life. This is evident, yet some people do not accept it. The lesson that I have learned as a child still has not been taught to some in their

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