Descriptive Essay About A Blessing

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The beginning rays of the early morning fell slanting through my window as I woke to soft sheets. It was a fine day in Noosa where the sky was blue and it was an ambient temperature. The sound of my steps followed me down the corridor. An exhausting thought crammed into my head as I observed the scattered boxes all over the lounge room. One by one i started to unpack them and place the items where they belonged. Belonging, what an impeccable feeling. I raised my eyes for a second. A box differentiated from the others. It was smaller, covered by a smokey grey texture. I slit the top off and began to look through. Placing my hand inside I gathered small trinkets. One of which was a green beaded bracelet. It was extraordinary. Covered in browns and reds and patterns that I have never seen before, i focused my attention on it. My mind began to fumble and I began to feel repercussions of shock throughout my body. It resulted a tear. My mind ceased tight and I was faced with a memory. My body dropped to the floor and I capped my mouth closed with my palm. It was mine. My breathing was rapid that I could hear myself breath and feel my thoughts running wild. I controlled thank Him. For the state and position I’m currently in is a blessing. myself. It was impossible. I remembered. My traumatic past was yet to be accepted I

It was my personal normality, my bones commonly popped out from their thin layer of skin. Energy was being drained out of me constantly. My eyes
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