Descriptive Essay About A Dog

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Growing up in the suburbs had its perks, but for the most part it was an individualistic environment. For me, my small neighborhood wasn’t anything like the ones that you see on TV. No friendly next-door neighbors brought us casserole for moving in, there were no children in my age group for miles, and for the most part the only people to keep me company were my siblings. My parents were never ridiculously strict, but they had one rule that they would never change their minds about; no dogs. Growing up there was nothing I wanted more than a dog. Dogs are the perfect childhood companion, they’re only tired when you are, they love to play outside, and because they can’t speak they make the perfect companion to listen to all of your problems. My parents both had three dogs each while they were growing up, and they stuck to their rule because they knew how much effort it took to take care of one. Upset over the fact that I would never know what it would be like to own a dog, I went back to my old boring routine; until one day, he appeared. The “he” in question was a small hound with black, white, and brown colored fur; a beagle to be exact. A medium sized dog with a collar in the shape of a bone which read “Jango” and the address of his owner. In most cases, in the event that a mysterious dog was to appear in your backyard my first reaction would be to stay away from it, but for some reason I was drawn to him. After showing my two siblings we decided to take him in as our own.

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