Descriptive Essay About A Football Team

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It is gameday. I arrive at the school at the usual time of a quarter till five. I grab my bag of things I need for the night and I make my walk from the parking lot into the locker room. I get inside of the locker room and I see all of the familiar faces that I have grown accustomed to seeing nearly every day for a couple of hours. I am so close to all of these guys on the football team. We are all so similar. Coach Carpenter comes out and conducts are usual ritual of our pregame walk through. When that was over I was able to see how different we actually are when getting ready for the games. I look to my right and see guys on their phones, texting their girlfriends about plans for the weekend and not even thinking about the playing time that they don’t have. I look to my left and I see the outcasts of the team. Some keeping to themselves in their own little world, others trying their best to fit into the groups of people around the place. You can hear the sounds of the laughter coming from straight ahead. The ornery group of friends on the team are usually up to no good, messing around to pass time before we take the field. Behind me I know are the underclassman, all dreaming of their days of making it under the lights and living the dreams they have had since they were young. Outside the doors of our locker room is a small area that guys enjoy tossing the football around or wait for our team trainer to tape them up. You have players and coaches. Waterboys and trainers.

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