Descriptive Essay About Six Flags

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About seven years ago, I went to Six Flags for the first time ever. I was only about ten years old at the time, and of course I was extremely nervous. I had a lot of questions about it because of course it was all new to me with it being my first time going to an amusement park. I had asked about the big rides they have of course, the really popular water park they have at Six Flags, and of course I had to ask about the good amusement park food. As soon as I got there, my heart instantly dropped.
I was at the park, and it was me and my family taking a trip to the best amusement park in missouri. We took off from the house, in Fulton, Missouri. It was about an hour and a half drive to get to Six Flags in St. Louis. We finally got there, the lines were super long, and the park was packed already at about eleven in the morning. Me and my little sister were both extremely excited to get past the long line, since it was both of our first time being there. We walk through the gate, and my heart instantly dropped on spot. The rides were super big. With loops and corkscrews, and that made me go from excited to scared quick.I was only about ten years old; therefore, I was not able to ride that many rides, and I was kind of relieved to hear that from my family. Since I was too young and too short to ride any rides, me and my sister went to the water park. The rides were still really big and scary, but also very fun at the same time, there was quite a few cool water slides that I

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