Descriptive Essay About Friendship

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The past few years, recognizably since I started High School, people started to bring to my attention that I don’t look like much of a friendly person. At first it confused me because I felt as if my intentions were good and my heart was kind, in other words, I was it was in my mind that people saw me as a caring individual. I had hopes that I just naturally came off as someone whom anyone could easily create a friendship with. After thinking on it some I concluded that it was probably because often I tend to be shy when it comes to meeting someone for the first time. Not always was I able to put myself out there and start chatting immediately with just anyone without knowing a thing about them. People would often judge me by how I looked and acted, considering I didn’t speak to everyone initially and I’d isolate myself in some moments, insinuating that I wasn’t someone they would like to converse with at first. Shy people are often viewed as beings who don’t want to associate with others often, however personally I love people in addition I enjoy speaking with most, anyone wanting to have a conversation. There are several distinct moments that I can remember when my classmates would tell me that I seemed stuck up, or believe I felt as if I was better than the rest of my peers. This usually was brought up when having a conversation with someone for the first time whom I don’t usually communicate with. Considering that I enjoy meeting new people and would like to

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