Descriptive Essay About Friendship

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“I-It’s the Key of my mother’s constellation.” I immediately smile at the gift and look at Nathan warmly with tears streaming down my cheeks, “Thank you so much, I absolutely love it.”
He mumbles, “No need to cry!” Nathan never liked it when I’d cry in front of him, even if it was something I loved. He never liked seeing me sad or mad, either. Nathan smirks—a smirk that I recognize very well—and says, “There’s something else, Nayln.”
“What more could you possibly give me?” I ask, feeling a warm feeling in my heart, getting hotter and hotter.
Nathan grabs the key and holds in his palm, then something in his eyes change. An emotion that looks so familiar, became real. I knew who this was and I instantly try to swipe the key from his hand, but it was too late. Nathan crushes the key into bits with his bare hands and releases the remains of the key onto the floor. My eyes widen in despair and shock as I felt the pain and cries of the constellation hurt me physically—once again. I fall to the floor and hold the one piece that showed how the constellation looked like near my heart. Tears run down my cheeks, showing him how much that key had meant to me, but I knew very well, he didn’t care. He smirks darkly, “Wake up.”
Everything starts to move. Nathan transforms himself into what he really is and the whole room turns black. I bolt up like a bullet from the bed and hold the light silk blanket over my chest as tears start to fall. I pant heavily, feeling the pain from the broken

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