Descriptive Essay About Going To The Beach

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When i was little I always loved the beach. Every time my family went to the beach, which wasn’t very often, I would get super excited and couldn’t wait. My best memories of going to the beach are flying kites, finding shells, and boogie boarding. My favorite one of these to do was to boogie board. Ever since my first time, I’ve always loved it. It just adds even more thrill to the beach experience which is already great. My first memory of boogie boarding, was going to a beach in Santa Cruz with my family. I don’t remember exactly how old I was when it happened but I definitely remember this day in particular. We went out to the beach early the day after we got to our campsite. It wasn’t super hot that morning but it was definitely warmer than we were expecting so we went to the beach to cool off in the water. I remember seeing all of the people running around having fun, and tanning on their towels and just having fun in general. I was specifically intrigued by the surfers and boogie boarders. While we were at the beach, we weren’t doing much more than body surfing and catching the little sand crabs, but it was still fun. Then, about an hour into the day my dad says, “ Hey valor, do you want to try to boogie board?” I dont know exactly what i said but i remember looking back at the people riding the waves and being very excited and saying yes. So he went to the store while the rest of my family and I waited in the water and on the beach. It seemed like a

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