Descriptive Essay About Hermes

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Kyle Garrity
Mrs. Obbagy
English 9H/Period 1
13 September 2017
Hermes, best known as the god of messengers, is by far one of the most interesting and complex characters on Mount Olympus. As well as being the god of messengers, Hermes is also the the god of thieves, of flock and herds, and of astronomy. He has many stories and myths associated with him and other gods that show his many sides and they prove that he is more than mail boy with winged shoes. We are shown the slyness, intellect, and creativity of Hermes as well as how other gods perceive him. He truly is a strong character that just has not yet been fully revealed to everyone.
For Hermes, unlike a number of other gods and mythical beings, experts agree and as stated by …show more content…

Aside from what Hermes looked like, there are several myths that truly demonstrate the character of Hermes. One such myth, explained by Michael Karas, reveals how creative and a quick thinker Hermes is:
When Hermes was born, he jumped out of his crib, stole Apollo's cattle and then went back to his crib playing innocent. However, Apollo figured it out, grabbed Hermes and went to Zeus to complain. The father of gods simply laughed and didn't punish Hermes. To apologise, Hermes gave Apollo the lyre which he had just invented.
This myth clearly shows how incredibly smart Hermes is. To make amends with Apollo, he gave him a lyre he made because he knew how much Apollo loved music and he knew the music that came from it was astounding so it would not end up being rejected.
In another myth, Zeus asked Hermes to save his mistress Io whom Zeus himself had an affair with and was forced to instantly turn her into a cow, to hide her from his approaching wife that was looking for her pristess. When Hera saw Zeus with a cow, and heard his lame excuse, she was rightfully suspicious and demanded to give her the animal as a gift. Zeus had no choice but to agree because, otherwise, his secret would be disclosed. Hera then called her servant Argos, the hundred-eyed giant, to take her away from Zeus and keep an eye on her.
Argos was a

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