Descriptive Essay About High School

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I can’t remember when I first heard about the University of Pittsburgh; I’ve lived in Pennsylvania my entire life so Pitt was always in the discussion when in came to colleges. I do, however, remember when I started seriously consider Pitt as somewhere I’d like to attend. In the Summer before my senior year of highschool I was working a pizza place and one of my coworkers was attending Pitt in Fall. Whenever we had shifts together all she would ever talk about was how excited she was for school to start. Being that I was still in highschool and hadn’t done any of my Summer work I didn’t share her sentiment While I was initially a bit annoyed by her enthusiasm eventually through osmosis I started to absorb some of the information and it all sounded pretty good. As the school year began and I started to get into the thick of college visits I added Pitt to the list of schools.
I finally got the chance to visit the school in late September and I was blown away. All the things I she had told me were true. The city was beautiful; there were plenty of trees and grass and the architecture was beautiful. All the buildings throughout campus were awe inspiring, most of all the Cathedral of Learning. These buildings weren’t just impressive on the outside, but on the inside as well. The first floor of the Cathedral of Learning looked like something out of a medieval castle. Our tour guide actually told us that Buzzfeed ranked the Cathedral as the number one college campus to make you

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