Essay About Middle School

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Middle school was a lot of fun for me, I met a lot of new people and lots of new girls. It was also kinda tough in the beginning with switching classes and things and having so many different teachers and lots of homework from different classes and having to remember the room numbers of each class but eventually I got used to everything. My first day in middle school didn’t seem that much different than elementary school only thing that was different was that we switched classes but we had our teachers telling us where to go for our next classes so it wasn’t hard. On like the third day of middle school I was very confused because we had all the big 7th and 8th graders there and the teachers weren’t helping us and telling bus where to go anymore so I would be late to class and my teachers would be mad. It was hard for me to transition to having several teachers instead of one because all of my teachers were very different we had some teachers that were cool and then we had some strict teachers. The work didn’t get much harder math did but not any other subjects, math was very difficult…show more content…
Some things I went through during my pre-adolescent was my legs would always hurt and I had found out I had something called osgood-schlatter disease and I had a big knot on my knee and it still hurts till this day sometimes. I eventually learned to deal with the pain but it kinda stopped my performance in track and football I wasn’t as fast anymore I sometimes couldn’t run because it would hurt so bad.
Middle school was very fun though and it matured me a lot for high school I also learned a lot of things in middle school that have helped me in highschool I also still have some of my middle schools teachers now like Ms.Bowen that was my favorite teacher in middle school she was very cool. But that’s how my middle school years
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