Descriptive Essay About Hunting

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The rustle of leaves get my blood pumping , my cold feet tingling and the sounds of birds chirping as the sun starts to shine through the thick fog over the trees. I get out of my truck load my rifle and head for the trail , as I get to the front of the trail I stop and pray thanking the lord for blessing me to be out here on this beautiful morning and that he watches over me while I’m out here. I head back on the trail as I think to myself “ where am I gonna hunt ?” well i just kinda walk until I find a place I like as I walk down the trail, the sun is starting to shine through the trees which means I need to hurry up. I haven’t even made it to where I’m going and i’m freezing but it’s just part of the thrill. I like being out there by myself sometimes it’s relaxing and no one’s around and i can just walk around but this time i was finding myself sitting on a ridge waiting on Mr. freak nasty to come out. i have been in this spot for about 2 hours and haven’t seen anything until now i see something moving in the corner of my eye and i look and across the ridge comes a giant buck and of course the buck fever kicked in and i start shaking . I have been hunting since i was about 6 years old and the dream of hunting is killing a big buck and the meat i love hunting and fishing but if i had to pick it would be hunting because it is the best feeling in the world when you get buck fever, buck fever is when your adrenaline gets pumping and you can’t control it.
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